Triumphant St Sava's Ball 2024 breaks its charity fund record - Date for next year's ball revealed

The Njegoš Foundation are proud to announce this year's St Sava's Ball has raised £21,500 for charitable causes.

Tickets sell out weeks before St Sava's Ball

The Njegos Foundation announces that all ticket sales have closed for St Sava's Ball 2024.

Early bird offer: Last chance to pick up a table for St Sava's Ball

Tickets for St Sava’s Ball are still available at a discounted price, but only until the end of December.

Njegos Foundation delivers to Fifty Families in Kosovo and Metohija

Thanks to the unprecedented generosity of our guests and sponsors for St Sava’s Ball 2023, the trustees of the Njegos Foundation London are delighted to announce further humanitarian activism with the proceeds.

Call for Sponsors for the Prestigious St Sava’s Ball 2024

The trustees of the Njegoš Foundation London are seeking sponsors for St Sava’s Ball 2024.

Гост Радија “Светигора” био је др Дејан Мараш, кардиолог који већ двадесет година ради у Лондону

Са др Марашем разговарали смо о његовој посјети светињама Косова и Метохије, гдје је августа мјесеца боравио заједно са Његовим

Prince Philip and Princess Danica attend charity ball in London

Prince Philip of Serbia is following in his father’s footsteps to improve conditions in Serbia. With his wife, Princess Danica

Dr Dejan Maraš delivers £6,500 donation to children in Montenegro

The success of St Sava’s Ball in London is being felt in children’s centres in Montenegro.

Preko šest hiljada eura donacije za dnevne centre u Beranama, Cetinju, Mojkovcu i Igalu

Oko šest i po hiljada eura donirano je dnevnim centrima u Beranama, Cetinju, Mojkovcu i Igalu, a novac je prikupljen na Svetosavskom balu

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